St Chad’s Church – history and architecture

St Chad’s Church
history and architecture

The History & Architecture Of St Chad’s, Far Headingley

St.Chad’s was built the late 1860s on land which formed part of the Beckett Dennison family’s Kirkstall Grange estate. It was consecrated in January 1868.

Edmund Dennison, MP for the West Riding from 1848 to 1859 was, like many members of the Beckett family a generous supporter of the Church of England. His family had already provided 2 new churches – Holy Trinity, Meanwood and St. Simon in Ventnor Street – and his decision to build St.Chad’s must be seen in the context of Anglican renewal in mid-Victorian Leeds. Leeds was growing very quickly and many new churches and schools were being built in the suburbs. He was supported in his project by his son, the 1st Lord Grimthorpe, who, along with WH Crossland (designer of Rochdale Town Hall), designed the original building.

Photo credit – Peter Farmer


These beautiful photos of St Chad’s church’s interior were taken for a previous Leeds Architecture Awards event.  


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