The Organ at St. Chad’s

Built in 1911 by Harrison & Harrison of Durham, it is considered one of the finest examples of their work in the North of England. It was originally given as a memorial by the family of Revd. W Howard Stables and restored in the mid 1980s.

In the rebuild of 1988, the first stage of the Harrison Action was replaced by electric action. The pistons and stop actions were made electric. The Great Reeds were placed on a separate chest facing down the South Aisle, providing independent use of the 8 and 4ft Trombas on Great and Choir Organs.

The original Harrison mixture on the Great had already been altered and this was again modified giving a new 5rank mixture of ‘Harrison’ style and using base pipes from an old Harrison Organ.The rest of the organ has retained its original Harrison Voicing.

After the reordering of the church (2010 – 2011), the organ was restored by Wood of Huddersfield in 2012 which revitalised the organ. All the bellows and action motors were re-leathered. All slider solenoid actions were replaced. A new chest was made for the Great Reeds and the console was electrified with a new transmission system. An up to date capture/combination system with microprocessor was installed providing general pistons and a stepper system. This gave 96 settings of general and divisional pistons and 999 settings on the sequencer with additional (a) settings giving a total of 1998. The voicing remains unchanged.

The instrument remains one of the best in the area and because it was designed when the Church was extended, the organ chamber extends to the top of the building on the South Side so that the instrument speaks directly into the building with great clarity and attack.

Organ Specification 1911

Organ Specification 2012

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