St Chad’s Youth Group update

Here’s and update on the Summer term and our hopes and prayer request for the new Autumn term:

The main teaching theme that led us through the term was ‘Who is God?’ We wanted to explore the nature of who God is and what this tells us about Jesus. Interwoven into this was an exploration of what worship means to us and the different ways we can worship God. We have begun to make a Spotify playlist of worship songs that mean something to us.



In May, to begin our new theme we held a film night. We watched ‘Is God Dead?’ This helped us to explore what people say about God, and gave us space to explore that question ourselves.



As well as our theme for the term we held our monthly social night and we were able to go out as a group to go trampolining! This was also a great time to welcome a couple of new members to our group. By the end of it we had earned a well-deserved cold drink!



Our exploration into our theme for the term, ‘who is God?’ had led us into exploring The Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We learnt so much that we went in and shared our learning with the church on Trinity Sunday, in a hilarious and well received skit about the various complicated theologies of the Trinity. If you missed it you can listen to it on our church podcast from 12th June!


MUFIL (Mission United Faith In Life), a city wide youth event, was running again in Leeds and St Chad’s Youth went and joined in. We enjoyed amazing weather, BBQ food, an inflatable gladiator duel and a fantastic time of worship. We are excited for the next event in November.





As well as getting some well-deserved rest this summer, a few of us took a trip out to IKEA to gather some items to decorate our new youth room at St Chad’s! After an exciting trip round IKEA, we have identified our items and soon we hope to decorate and move into our new room! We are really excited to be getting closer to having our new youth space at St Chad’s!

We hope this room will be able to bless not only our youth and give them a place to come to St Chad’s and belong to, but to everyone at St Chad’s who will use the room for small groups and courses too.


Hopes for new term

We would love for you to pray for us in this new term, especially as we welcome those who have recently moved up to year 7 and are joining our group.

We are also hoping to set up a new youth group in the coming weeks for those in years 5-6. We would love anyone who is interested in helping to facilitate this group starting up, and helping run it alongside the existing team.  

If you’re interested in joining us here is the programme for the new term. If a young person in your family would like to try it out, (with no long-term commitment!), do get in touch with one of the leadership team or bring them along to the Parish Centre on a Friday night 7.30-9pm.

Ollie Greenfield
07964 781169

Rev Hannah
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Linda Ward
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